Hella Jelly “Secrets of the Deep” is a deck of cards. It can be used to play classic card games like poker, gin rummy, and go-fish (with a twist) or channel the unknown with personal introspection and Tarot readings. Click on the link for details about the Kickstarter campaign. Or keep scrolling for the meaning behind each card.



The Jellyfish

The embodiment of new beginnings and taking risks, the Jellyfish fearlessly dives into uncharted waters, embracing the spirit of exploration beneath the surface, ready to discover hidden and profound wisdom along the journey. With innocence and an open mind, the Jellyfish invites us to release our fears, embrace spontaneity, and trust in the flow of life. (Note: when playing classic games like gin rummy and poker, remove the “Jellyfish” and “Labyrinth” cards, or use them like “Jokers”)

The Seahorse

Personal power and manifestation, the Seahorse harnesses the currents of the deep, using the hidden forces beneath to create transformative magic.

The Keyhole

Submerged in intuition and hidden knowledge, the Keyhole is like a buried treasure, revealing the mysteries of the underwater realm.

The Anchor

Nurturing and abundant, the Anchor mirrors the vastness of the ocean, providing a fertile environment for growth, creativity, and the birth of new life.

The Trident

Like a powerful ocean current, the Trident represents authority and structure, commanding respect and bringing stability to the depths of existence.

The Sun Beam

With ancient wisdom, the Sun Beam is a guiding light, teaching spiritual truths and offering sanctuary.

The Pearl

Symbolizing deep connections and choices, the Pearl reflects a union that resembles two halves connecting in perfect harmony, their bond submerged in love and unity.

The Submarine

Navigating the depths with confidence and control, the Submarine represents victory over obstacles, skillfully navigating the ebb and flow of the underwater currents.

Giant Squid

Deep within the ocean’s depths lies immense strength, as depicted by this card. It signifies the inner power required to conquer challenges.

The Hermit Crab

Embodying introspection and solitude, the Hermit Crab retreats into the underwater caves, seeking wisdom and enlightenment from the ancient voices that echo in the darkness.


Like a vortex in the ocean, the Compass spins fate and destiny, reminding us of the cyclical nature of life and the constant changes beneath the surface.


In the depths of the underwater world, Justice reigns impartially, holding a balance that reflects the fair and just consequences of our actions, like a still and tranquil ocean.

The Dead Fish

Surrendered and suspended in the currents, the Dead Fish challenges us to see the world from a different perspective, immersing ourselves in the depths to gain enlightenment.


Representing transformation and rebirth, Death plunges us into the abyss, where old cycles end and new ones begin, much like the cycle of life and death beneath the waves.

The Tempest

The unbalanced turbulent waters, the Tempest pours and mixes the elements, teaching us to accept the inevitable discord and uneasiness in the depths of an emotional deluge.

The Skeleton Keys

In the underwater realm, the Skeleton Keys lie buried, representing our inner demons and temptations. Like a dark abyss, it urges us to confront and overcome our deepest fears.

The Tower

The Tower strikes like a powerful tidal wave, demolishing illusions and outdated structures, leaving us bare and vulnerable before the vast depths of truth.

The Star

As the guiding light in the night sky, the Star illuminates the underwater expanse, offering hope, inspiration, and a sense of calm amidst life’s turbulent waters.

The Moon

Shimmering on the water’s surface, the Moon reveals hidden truths and mysteries, inviting us to explore the depths of our subconscious and intuition.

The Sun

Radiating warmth and vitality, the Sun shines through the water, bringing joy, enlightenment, and success to the depths, much like a vibrant coral reef teeming with life.


Rising from the depths like a majestic sea creature, Judgement represents spiritual awakening, rebirth, and the call to heed the inner voice. It beckons us to rise above the surface, shedding the weight of past mistakes and embracing forgiveness, just as the ocean’s currents cleanse and renew.

The Labyrinth

Enveloped in the vastness of the underwater world, the Labyrinth symbolizes completion, wholeness, and the integration of all aspects of life. It mirrors the interconnectedness of all living beings beneath the waves, inviting us to embrace our place in the grand tapestry of existence. Like a coral reef teeming with diverse marine life, The Labyrinth celebrates the culmination of a journey and the unity found within the depths of our collective experience. (Note: when playing classic games like gin rummy and poker, remove the “Labyrinth” and “Jellyfish” cards, or use them like “Jokers”)


Ace of Octopi

Emerging from the depths of the emotional sea, the Ace of Octopi represents new love, deep intuition, and the beginning of heartfelt connections.

Two of Octopi

Two souls dive into a harmonious partnership, their love flowing like an underwater dance, symbolizing mutual understanding, balance, and unity.

Three of Octopi

Celebrating in the sun-drenched shallows, the Three of Octopi signifies joyful gatherings and emotional fulfillment, mirroring the vibrant life of the ocean floor.

Four of Octopi

In the depths of contemplation, a figure sits near a tranquil pool, representing introspection and the need to explore inner emotions, as if submerged in the underwater abyss of the self.

Five of Octopi

Amidst the wreckage of lost hopes, the Five of Octopi reminds us of the healing power of forgiveness and the ability to find pearls of wisdom even in the darkest underwater depths.

Six of Octopi

Nostalgia washes over like gentle waves, as the Six of Octopi reminisces about the past, representing innocence, childhood memories, and the treasures found in the hidden seafloor.

Seven of Octopi

A diver stands before a dazzling array of choices, the Seven of Octopi represents dreams and illusions, urging us to navigate the murky waters of desires and make wise decisions.

Ace of Manta Rays

Piercing the surface, the Ace of Rays represents mental clarity, truth, and the emergence of new ideas, cutting through the currents of confusion like a sharp swordfish.

Two of Manta Rays

Blindfolded and poised at the water’s edge, the Two of Rays depicts the need for balanced decision-making and careful consideration, as if finding clarity within the depths of uncertainty.

Three of Manta Rays

A heart pierced by three swords, the Three of Rays symbolizes heartache, grief, and emotional pain, reminding us of the turbulent waters that sometimes lie beneath the surface.

Four of Manta Rays

Seeking respite from the stormy sea, the Four of Rays represents rest, solitude, and the need for recuperation, reminiscent of finding calm in the peaceful depths of an underwater cave.

Five of Manta Rays

Amidst the wreckage of a battle, the Five of Rays suggests conflict, power struggles, and the need to navigate the treacherous waters of ego and deceit.

Six of Manta Rays

On a small boat, a figure navigates away from troubled waters, symbolizing a journey towards mental peace, leaving behind turbulent emotions to find solace in calmer depths.

Seven of Manta Rays

Stealthily moving through the underwater shadows, the Seven of Rays signifies deception, cunning, and the art of strategy, much like a stealthy predator lurking beneath the surface.

Ace of Electric Eels

Bursting forth like a volcanic eruption from the depths, the Ace of Eels represents creative potential, inspiration, and the spark of passionate energy, reminiscent of the fiery currents that flow beneath the ocean’s surface.

Two of Electric Eels

Standing on the shore, gazing out at the vast expanse, the Two of Eels signifies planning, personal power, and the exploration of new horizons, much like a sailor preparing to embark on a daring underwater expedition.

Three of Electric Eels

Observing from a cliff, the Three of Eels symbolizes foresight, expansion, and the anticipation of future possibilities, akin to a lookout scanning the horizon for signs of underwater treasures.

Four of Electric Eels

A celebration of interconnectedness, this card represents harmony, stability, and joyful gatherings, mirroring the vibrant dance of sea creatures around a coral reef.

Five of Electric Eels

Amid a chaotic underwater brawl, the Five of Eels symbolizes conflict, competition, and the need to navigate through turbulent currents, much like creatures vying for territory or resources.

Six of Electric Eels

Riding triumphantly through the underwater currents, the Six of Eels signifies victory, recognition, and the culmination of efforts showcasing its strength and accomplishment.

Seven of Electric Eels

Standing defiantly against the relentless waves, the Seven of Eels represents courage, determination, and the resilience to defend one’s beliefs, like a sturdy reef resisting the powerful forces of the ocean.

Ace of Mine Fields

Emerging from the sandy depths like a buried treasure, the Ace of Mines represents material abundance, new opportunities, and the fertile ground of prosperity, akin to the hidden riches hidden within the underwater realm.

Two of Mine Fields

Balancing amidst the ebb and flow of the tides, the Two of Mines symbolizes adaptability, juggling priorities, and the need to navigate the ever-changing currents of life’s responsibilities, like a skilled diver maintaining equilibrium beneath the waves.

Three of Mine Fields

Collaborating in an underwater workshop, the Three of Mines signifies teamwork, craftsmanship, and the mastery of skills, mirroring the intricate construction of coral reefs and the symbiotic relationships of marine life.

Four of Mine Fields

Holding tightly, the Four of Mines represents stability, security, and the desire to maintain control over material possessions, like a shell firmly gripping the ocean floor amidst the currents.

Five of Mine Fields

Wandering through the depths of desolation, the Five of Mines symbolizes financial struggles, isolation, and the need to seek support, reminding us of the deep empathy that can arise from shared vulnerabilities beneath the waves.

Six of Mine Fields

Extending a helping hand to those in need, the Six of Mines represents generosity, charity, and the interconnectedness of abundance, resembling the flow of resources within the underwater ecosystem.

Seven of Mine Fields

Cultivating a thriving underwater garden, the Seven of Mines symbolizes patience, perseverance, and the nurturing of long-term growth, much like tending to a vibrant coral reef that blossoms over time.

Ace of Starfish

Emerging from the depths of the cosmic sea, the Ace of Starfish represents the birth of new dimensions, infinite possibilities, and the awakening of profound truths hidden within the depths of the unconscious mind. It invites us to explore the mystical and ethereal realms, much like a shimmering starfish guiding us toward the universe’s secrets.

Two of Starfish

A celestial waltz symbolizes the balance between conscious and unconscious forces, the tangible and intangible realms. The Two of Starfish represents the harmonious coexistence of imagination and reality, offering glimpses into hidden worlds where dreams and truths intermingle beneath the cosmic waves.

Three of Starfish

In a vast cosmic ocean, three starfish form a sacred triangle, representing the trinity of body, mind, and spirit. The Three of Starfish signifies the interconnectedness of these realms, inviting us to dive deep into the wellspring of our intuition, where profound spiritual insights and cosmic wisdom reside.

Four of Starfish

Perfect symmetry, forming a cosmic mandala that mirrors the order and harmony of the universe. The Four of Starfish symbolizes balance, stability, and the connection between the material and spiritual planes. It encourages us to embrace the interplay of the seen and unseen worlds, where hidden knowledge and cosmic truths converge.

Five of Starfish

In the depths of the ethereal sea, five starfish spiral in a mesmerizing dance, symbolizing transformation, expansion, and the awakening of the subconscious mind. The Five of Starfish represents a shift in consciousness, where profound revelations and spiritual growth emerge from the depths of our being, much like starfish gracefully evolving through the cosmic currents.

Six of Starfish

Illuminating the darkness, forming a celestial constellation. The Six of Starfish embodies illumination, insight, and the connection to higher realms. It invites us to delve into our inner cosmos, where the celestial energies guide us toward spiritual enlightenment, uncovering hidden truths and expanding our cosmic awareness.

Seven of Starfish

Scattered across a cosmic tapestry, representing the infinite mysteries and hidden knowledge of the universe. The Seven of Starfish signifies introspection and the search for deeper meaning. It encourages us to explore the depths of our psyche, where the vast expanse of the ethereal realm unveils profound insights, spiritual revelations, and a profound connection to the cosmic web of existence.

Download this file and print-out on an 8.5 x 11″ page for faster guideline interpretations.